Board of Directors

Lennart Jacobsson

Born 1955, MS
Chairman of the Board; Board Member since 2009

Lennart Jacobsson is Senior Partner of CapMan Plc, listed on the Helsinki stock exchange and Chairman of the Board of Locus AS. He serves on the boards of CapMan AB, Metronor AS, Tritech Technology AB, Silex Microsystems AB, Swedestart Tech AB and Volvo Technology Transfer AB.


Johan Siberg

Deputy Chairman, Born 1944, Board member since 2002

Johan Siberg is Chairman of the Board of Hymite A/S and Kopparhus AB. He also serves on the boards of Oden Control AB, Chambersign Sverige AB, CDMAR Invest AB, Båken Invest AB och Oden Sales AB.

Mr. Siberg is a former Ericsson Group executive. He has worked as Executive Vice President of Swedish operations; President, Mobile Phones; Senior Vice President, Corporate Supply, Manufacturing and Purchasing; VP, Production Telecom and President, Ericsson Telecom USA. He is a member of Kungliga Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien.

Magnus Hardmeier

Born 1959, MS
Board Member since 2008

Magnus Hardmeier is Managing Director and partner of Priveq Investment, a private equity firm specializing in providing the capital and expertise to companies that need to ensure stable expansion. In addition to Priveqs’ own internal companies, Magnus is also serves on the boards of Ostnor and Mentice.

Sigrun Hjelmquist

Born 1956, PhD
Board Member since 2007

Sigrun Hjelmquist is Chairman of the Board of C2SAT AB and of the two investment funds Almi Invest Stockholm and Almi Invest East Sweden. She also serves on the boards of RAE Systems Inc, Atea ASA, Addnode AB, Bluetest AB, Setra Group AB and One Media AB. Hjelmquist has worked in the Ericsson Group for 20 years, holding several leading positions and gaining extensive experience in both Swedish and international organizations.

Edvard Kälvesten

Born 1967, PhD
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member
In current position since 2002; employed with Silex since 2000

Edvard Kälvesten has more than 15 years of experience in the MEMS industry. Before founding Silex in 2000, he was research manager at the Swedish company Acreo. He also held an R&D position at RADI Medical. Kälvesten has filed some 10 patents and patent-pending applications. He founded Silex with four fellow MEMS experts from KTH and Acreo, all of whom today hold senior positions with the company.

Sami Lampinen

Born 1970, MS
Board Member since 2006

Sami Lampinen is Managing Director and partner at Inventure Oy (Finland). He also serves on the boards of Zipic Oy (Finland), Inventure Oy (Finland), Upstream Engineering Oy (Finland) and Salta Ltd (Great Britain).

Lampinen has a long track record in early-stage venture capital investing. Prior to joining Inventure in 2006, Mr. Lampinen worked as a partner and investment director at CapMan Technology and was a management consultant at SIAR-Bossard.

Tellef Thorleifsson

Born 1962, MS
Board Member since 2008

Tellef Thorleifsson is co-founder and General Partner of Northzone Ventures, a leading Nordic technology-focused venture fund. He serves on the boards of several Nordic technology companies and acts as Chairman of Mamut ASA, Revolt ASA, Chapdrive ASA and Solar Cell Repower AS. Thorleifsson has served as Chairman of the Norwegian Venture Capital Association and has been on the board of EVCA and SVCA. His experience also includes shipping, project development and politics

Johan Bennarsten

Born 1972, MD and MS
Board Member since 2003

Johan Bennarsten is a Partner in CapMan and serves on the boards of Millicore AB, Millicore Intressenter AB, Neoventa Holding AB, Neoventa Medical AB, SciBase AB, SciBase Intressenter AB. He is a deputy board member of In Dex Diagnostics AB (publ), Jolife AB and Quickcool AB.

Fredrik Jönsson

Born 1962, MSFredrik Jonsson
Board Member since 2012

Fredrik Jönsson is CEO of Beijer Electronics, a leading supplier of industrial automation and data communications solutions based in Malmö, Sweden.

Fredrik Jönsson began his career with SKF Group, a leading provider of bearings and bearing related systems, establishing SKF’s business in Indochina and going on to establish its Vietnam presence. In 1997 he joined FlexLink as CEO and led the company through seven acquisitions and increased worldwide presence from 12 countries to 21 countries. In 2006 he became CEO of Crawford Group AB, and in 2008 assumed his current role as CEO of Beijer Electronics. Mr. Jönsson received his M. Sc. (Eng) from Chalmers University and also sits on the board of Perten Instruments AB.