Design Services Partners

A Global Ecosystem of Development Partners

At Silex, we believe that a strong global ecosystem enables innovative MEMS ideas to become a reality. By partnering with us, you don’t just benefit from our deep MEMS expertise to confidently commercialize your designs into high volume production.You also have access to our global ecosystem of expert development partners who can help with your design at the component level (MEMS or IC driver or both), the package level or the system level.

Working with one of our recognized partners means that you will get proven expertise and the confidence that comes from working with an experienced design and foundry team. We can gladly make referrals based upon your unique requirements.

Silex Development Partners Include:

IC Driver Design

Bruco Integrated CircuitsBruco is a recognized excellence center for the design and delivery of analog and mixed-signal Application Specific Integrated Circuits, ASICs. Based in Borne, The Netherlands, Bruco provides world class IC driver development and full IC foundry and back-end management for product and systems companies.


MEMS Product Development and Design

AMFitzgerald & Associates, located near Silicon Valley in Burlingame, CA, USA, offers customers the complete solution for MEMS product development. Full-service engineering capabilities include: custom device design, MEMS prototyping and process development, multi-physics finite element modeling, foundry transfer, production support, and technology strategy consulting. AMFitzgerald’s team of experienced MEMS engineers provides the essential pre-foundry work to minimize the risk, cost and time of new MEMS development.

AMFitzgerald has selected Silex’s SmartBlocks™ technology for its RocketMEMS™
program, a new model for designer-foundry collaboration that enables rapid and cost-
effective development of MEMS sensors. Click here for more information.

MEMS Process Integration and Development

Nanoshift LLC, located in Emeryville, CA, is a leader in design, research, development, prototyping, and low volume fabrication for MEMS, microfluidics, nanotechnology, and clean technologies. Nanoshift provides premier services for design, development, rapid prototyping and fabrication for fabless and fab-lite companies alike.

MEMS Packaging and Reliability Consulting

DiPaola Consulting is a leading expert in MEMS development and packaging with over 25 years of combined experience. Having mastered every phase of the new product development process at both Texas Instruments and Sensata Technologies, we have the knowledge to design and launch your product right the first time. We also excel at integrating various system components for successful deployment in the field.

Our extensive experience has taught us that the core elements of the technology must be designed concurrently with the packaging and system integration.  The most important aspects of this design process entails keeping out the environment, eliminating or minimizing packaging effects on device performance, ease of manufacture, creating an intuitive and practical user interface and making it robust to external forces that may result in damage or malfunction. We excel at providing solutions to some of the harshest safety critical applications in the industry.