Benefits of using the NPI Process

The NPI Process defines the quality and manufacturability requirements for the customer and Silex, while helping advance our customers’ products to stable production status.  It also affords Silex the opportunity to provide a tailored approach that includes our established internal procedures for the development and release to production of a specific MEMS process.  By managing the “progressive de-risking” of design and process with this flexible, proven development process, Silex is able to customize the specifics of a particular product where applicable.

Adopted by the MEMS Industry Group as an industry best practice, the Silex NPI Process offers customer benefits that include:

  • Alignment of expectations and risks in process integration and product development phases
  • An engineering-driven approach to the complexities of MEMS manufacturing
  • Data-driven development leads to lower overall costs in the long run
  • Meets customer needs for prototypes and sampling and Silex’s needs for controlled production
  • Ensures agreed upon acceptance criteria adapted for volume manufacturing
  • Allows for improved product planning
  • Recognizes the “progressive risk management” of MEMS development and the market needs of our customers